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    Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control we have to postpone the Red Rose Rally of February 6th 2021. The owners of St Josephs hall have stated that the building will remain closed through February. Major vendors have also said they are likely to withdraw due to uncertaity over recent Covid news and uncertainty of forthcoming protocol.

    However...fear not we will plan for an enlarged summer event around June/July.

    spring field day locationDave, the special events organiser is lining us up with an overnight field trip, when the weather improves.
    Initial plans were for a late autum event, but Covid uncertainty and the unfavourable mix of cold and old bones has prompted us to move it to spring 2022.
    Anyone who fancies an overnighter Buxton way, (indoors accomodation) get more details from Dave (Keyser) at the next regular club meeting. A potentially memorable event brewing here!


    Working partyDamage caused by storm Arwen has been repaired by the working party on 5/12/21.
    Working party consisted of: Stan, Tony, Dave (Keyser), Colin, Stuart and Peter.
    Damage was limited to the 40m element that had become detached and the feed from the balun had failed.
    The Carolina Windom was also repaired and reinstated.

    Reinforcement of the front and back of the
    hex beam was done using paracord supplied by Colin.Hex beam under repair
  • facebook logoPUBLIC FACEBOOK GROUP LAUNCHED 11th Nov 2021
    Non members are welcome to browse and comment on club activities. Our Facebook group West Manchester Radio Club is open to all to view content about the clubs activities.
    The members only group is still active for WMRC internal matters.
  • Youtube logoWMRC YOUTUBE CHANNEL LAUNCHED 7th Nov 2021
    Members and non members are welcome to browse our YouTube channel where video clips of our events will be published. New uploads frequently added.
    Click here for YouTube to open in a new page.

    Shack refitA great success, with favourable weather. Good turnout from members, a genuinely fun based day.
    Many thanks to those who visited us during the day.
    A brief video is available here for those who couldn't attend, or fancy the next one.


    Shack refitThe shack refit is going well, the working party on Sunday (12th Sep) have removed the middle section table/bench and installed a replacement computer, where the lower bands transciever will be located. Eventually enabling members to use a dedicated workstation for 160- 40m working with digital mode options.
A VHF/UHF station will be outfitted on the bench area in front of the repeater. This will give us 3 seperate workstations HF higher bands, HF lower bands and VHF/UHF.

A UPS device provided by Colin M0IQY (shown) has now been fitted to the repeater to avoid the 'brown-outs' that have been knocking out the Wires X computer.
    Subject to all going well with the covid outbreak over winter, we plan to run the Winter Red Rose Rally on Sunday 6th February 2022 at St Josephs hall, Leigh.
  • GB7WM NEWS 02/07/21

    Our Fusion repeater has now completed its move to the new dedicated cabinet. The cabinet gives us more shack space and has improved the cooling for the repeater.
    repeater in cabinet
  • Reliability of the repeater has been improved over time by altering the air flow and modifying the internal fans and ducting.
    The biggest improvement is due to the new FTM 100 node radio, which has now isolated the repeater and prevented the TX lockups that these machines experience.
    Unfortunately connectivity reliability is in the hands of BT! As our 'end of road' location does not give us the most reliable internet. However we continue to press for a fibre to building connection.
    For more pictures of the rehousing project go to the picture gallery here

  • First 'post Covid' committee meeting was held 27th May 2021, notable events were retirement of John Howarth from the role of Secretary owing to personal circumstances. We would like to thank John for his service.
    The committee have co-opted the services of Mark Smith M0INI who has volunteered to act in the roll of Secretary for the remainder of the current term and hopefully beyond.

    We have decided, due to uncertainty NOT to run a Red Rose rally this year. But push all our efforts into running an expanded rally in Jan/Feb 2022, the time of our larger winter rally.

    We propose to further inprove the layout of the club shack into 'workstation' areas to improve ease of use for current members and make life simpler for new members we are hoping to encourage.

  • CLUB RE-OPENS AS OF 20/05/21
    Regular Thursday meetings resume, with shack access and bar services. Regular Covid restrictions apply, of table service only, 6 per table. Masks to be work when moving around the premisis.

    GB7WM is now fully operational with Wires-X now re-established.

  • The hexbeam has been errected on the main hast and the repeater antenna is now about 2m higher.
    Many thanks to the working party involved.

  • October 2020. The 2020/21 Red Rose winter rally has been postponed due the current pandemic
  • With great sadness, we have to announce that Arthur G0OHY became a silent key on 31st August 2020.

  • May 2020. The 2020 Red Rose summer rally has been postponed due the current pandemic

  • April 2020 GB7WM connected to Wires X The club repeater is now connected to the Wires X network. When not in use it defaults to the North West Fusion Group (NWFG)

  • 29th May 2020 GB7WM launched! Our Repeater is now on the air.
    As the registration for Wires-X
    has yet to arrive, and the internet was off at our last visit. Connectivity is yet to follow. The repeater is yet to be housed in its permanent position and the dedicated antenna and mast have yet to be installed.
    Signal reports to enable us to map its effective area welcome please.

  • May 2020 - GB7WM Our Repeater project has had the NOV approved and issued.
    Most of the components we need , we have, or have been promised.
    As soon as we have building access and the mast hardware sorted, we should be in business.
    GB7WM will be Fusion only, we are channel DVU55: TX 439.6875 Mhz RX 430.6875 Mhz

  • Thanks to Colin again for his help with VE Day 2020.
    Changing the NOV to enable home operation was a great idea and we managed to fix it just in time.
    The event was a great success, enjoyed by all. Photos soon on the gallery.

  • AGM January 30th Main points.
    The new 2020 committee has been appointed (see here)
    The club repeater project has been approved by all members present and will proceed using a digital format.
    The replacement hexbeam was similarly approved and will proceed in the spring.

  • Thanks to Colin for organising yet another successful Winter Rally!

    The Club repeater project is underway, we have been kindly offered the extended use of a Fusion repeater by one of our rally clients (more details to follow). Also options for our original proposed placement on 2m may be opening up... Watch this space...

  • AGM January 30th Main points.
    The new 2020 committee has been appointed (see here)
    The club repeater project has been approved by all members present and will proceed using a digital format.
    The replacement hexbeam was similarly approved and will proceed in the spring.

    the combined military event on 5Mhz took place on 12th October at the Club HQ. After untangling the rats nest 60m folded dipole we cracked off and worked most of the military stations on the band.
    Some of the cadets sounded a bit shakey and got the callsign mixed up. A fun day out.

  • Field trip to the Bay Horse pub was a great success with large turnout.
    Well done everyone.
    A big thanks to Colin for organising such a successful event and at short notice.
    See pictures in the photo gallery.
  • EGM ...The Extraordinary general meeting was convened on Thursday 2nd August 2018 and a lively discussion about recent changes to the membership fees was conducted. In the absence of the club Treasurer the Secretary will provide figures for further discussion as requested by some members
  • EGM ...An Extraordinary general meeting has been requested by members who wish to discuss the recent rise in members fees.
    All members are requested to attend.
    This will be held on Thursday 2nd August 2018 at the WMRC QTH.
  • Bowls & BBQ ... This regular summer event is now scheduled for 21st July 2018.
    This takes place at the WMRC QTH, please contact a committee member for tickets in the usual way.
    All welcome.
  • It's back on.....
    2018 Summer QRP festival ...
    this will now take place at our new summer venue. St Josephs Hall in Leigh.
    It is set for 15th July 2018. Details will be updated here when available.
  • Local repeater news ...GB7HN Repeater is now on air 430.875 +7.6 shift ctcss 82.5 QTH i Lowton
  • Picture gallery ... Most of the pictures from the old website server are now back on the gallery. We have attempted to make them a bit more user friendly with more albums (folders). There are still duplicates, if you spot any, they may be in the same folder or adjacent ones, please report them to Peter and we will eventually tidy up.
  • We are on Facebook, for members only. Just do a search for WEST MANCHESTER RADIO CLUB.
  • Not really news, but an amusing amateur radio video. Watch it
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